The primary objective of this project is to maintain Doak Campbell Stadium as one of the best venues in all collegiate sports.

To achieve this objective, we will not only be adding new seating experiences but also enhancing some of the experiences we have now, including the Dunlap Champions Club.
Why Renovate the Dunlap Champions Club?

Here at Florida State, we are always striving for excellence. While the Dunlap Champions Club has provided a unique opportunity for fans, we know we can provide a better experience for all Dunlap Champions Club seat holders by enhancing the existing set up.

These updates will provide:

  • The opportunity for members to tailor their game day experience
  • Overall operational improvements
  • More comfortable seating options
  • Additional space per member to alleviate indoor congestion on game day
Dunlap Champions Club FAQs

When will I learn more about the renovation plans?

We will invite you to learn more about the Dunlap Champions Club changes in Booster priority order. We can discuss in person at our Preview Center near Doak Campbell Stadium or schedule a virtual meeting. We will reach out to you directly when you are eligible to schedule your meeting.

What new seating can I expect?

A variety of new seating options will be available. These experiences include new ledge seating, updated chair back options, and more spacious seating choices. All seating options will remain all-inclusive of food & soft drink with access to an air-conditioned indoor space & full bar.

Will I have to pay another capital gift?

Your previously paid capital gift will serve as a credit towards your newly-selected seating experience within the Dunlap Champions Club.

How will the seating locations be assigned?

You will select your new experience during your one-on-one meeting with staff. The seats within your selected section will be assigned in Booster priority order; however, if we do not hear from you within a certain timeframe, we cannot guarantee you will benefit from your full priority.

What if I do not like any of the new seating options?

We understand that some ticket holders may not participate in these changes. We will work with individuals wishing to find seats in other available locations. We will continue to reach out with each new seating option as we move through this process to find the right fit for you.